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Hello! I am Low Jing Fang, also known as, Cherylene.
I am a 17 year old girl turning 18 this September 6th.
I am currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic and the course I'm taking is Diploma in Infocomm Security, DISM for short.

In this website, you will learn more about me as a person. For example, my hobbies, friends, events as well as ways to contact me personally if you have any comments or queries!

Cinque Terre

One of my hobbies is photography.
I like taking photo of people, food, buildings and plants.
The first time I was into photography was back in 2015.

Now i take mainly take pictures of my friends to practice and improve so I can be a better photographer.
The photos will be available under the "Photo Gallery" page.
Feel free to take a look!

Photo Gallery
Cinque Terre

Recently, I've been into building model kits and tiny Lego blocks.

My sister introduced me to lego blocks while my boyfriend introduced me to model kits. I got hooked almost immediately as it takes time and patience to build an object successfully.

I would recommend you all to try it out too! It is very fun as it trains your perseverance and patience as a person.

Cinque Terre

Of course, like many other people, I love watching Korean Drama and when I mean watch it is binge watching for hours.
But sadly, I've been pretty busy recently and I do not have time to watch them...

Some of the Korean dramas that I would highly recommend are, W, Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea, Love in the Moonlight, Descendants of the Sun, While You Were Sleeping and Uncontrollably Fond.

Cinque Terre

I also enjoy playing computer games during my free time. Games are what helps me release stress from school.

I used to play games like Blackshot, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch etc...

Now, I'm mainly playing Destiny 2. It is a really fun and meaningful game with an interesting backstory!

Cinque Terre

Lastly, I enjoy swimming a lot ever since I was a little kid.

I've attended and enjoyed every single swimming lessons. I've even gotten a gold medal as an achievement in swimming before!

Though now I do not swim competitively, I still swim casually with my friends because it is really fun and it helps release stress.

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